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  1. Congratulations! Quite a milestone indeed.
    Let’s celebrate this event in Singapore. 🙂
    I hope your programme stands unchanged.
    Kind regards.

  2. Sir,
    Congratulations. This is indeed a remarkable achievement for a blog to garner one lakh+ readership. It speaks volume about quality and content of the blog. However I have a small doubt. Is milestone the right word to be used? The word milestone generally used in project management.
    Definition – In project management, a milestone is a synchronization point. Major milestones mark the transition of a project from one phase to another.
    Your blog is creativity per excellence. Definitely not a project.
    Can there be a substitute word for this remercable achievement?

    • Mridula

      A milestone is merely an indicator of where you stand at the moment. To derive more useful information from your current position, such as how far you have travelled, how much more of your journey is yet to be done, are you ahead of your plan or are you late, all these will need an input of additional data and some analysis. For the moment I am only declaring my happiness at being where I am.


  3. Sir,
    I was reading one of your old blog where you reffered about Mia Niranjan Singh. Very unusual nick name. Any story on that.

    • No Story. That was his given name! His initials MN Singh translated to Miyan Niranjan Singh. He was addressed as Miyan by all his friends. He was a regular bearded Sikh officer (at least in his young days.)

      • Defence officers of British legacy have one unique phenomena. Assortment of nicknames. Very facinating. Thanks Sir for the information.

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