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Jostling with Ethics – 3 – : Having a Drink


I am unashamedly from a ‘Moddhyo Britto Bhadro Poribaar’ from ‘Poorbo Bango’ . In plain English that would translate to being from a Middle Class Gentle Folk from Eastern Bengal. Like every other social group in this world, this social group also has its baggage of ‘do’ s and ‘dont’s just as it has its own set of behavior considered socially right and socially wrong. One of the values for this group during the first half of the twentieth century was abstention from alcohol. Read the rest of this entry




We, the 22 out of the 33 pilots of the 60th course who had been nominated for fighter stream, came to Hakimpet on 3rd April 1953 only to find that the 59th course was just half way through their training. It was just not possible for us to get any flying time in the immediate future.    We hung around for a few days, over-crowded the mess and the trainee’s crew rooms and created so much of a ruckus that ‘Chico” Bose, our Chief Flying Instructor, shipped all of us out on two months leave unceremoniously.  Read the rest of this entry