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Rammed on the Red Road


The most enjoyable part of my job while I was in Kolkata with 12 Bengal NCC (Air) Squadron as an instructor pilot in 1960 was my freedom to go and fly with Bengal Flying Club at Barrackpore.   On week days, my cadets were generally not able to come for flying as they were all college students and had classes to attend.   My boss Squadron Leader Bob Rattan was quite happy to leave me alone to handle the flying part of my job and he never questioned my visits to Barrackpore.   Read the rest of this entry


Dadachanji is Lost


Naoroz Noshar Dadachanji and I were close pals for a long time.   We were batch-mates at Begumpet for the 60th Pilot’s Course in Number 1 Air Force Academy.   We both became Cadet Under Officers on the same day.    Naturally we were commissioned on the same day too: 1 Apr 53.   We were both sent into the fighter stream; therefore both of us did our fighter conversion on the Spitfire together at Hakimpet.    From there we were sent to the same squadron, No,1 : The Tigers. Our twin fates remained intertwined even after this long stint together.  Read the rest of this entry