The Hectic Days: The Aftermath


I am referring to a whole lot of comments that originated on the Halwara set of posts.    On 05 Jul 20  Pallav had set the ball rolling by one sentence in one of his comments which read: Even that is without prejudice to one’s scepticism about the “necessity of war” or the general principle of trying to root out violence with greater violence

On 19 July Pradeep Added his thought on the subject:  i do agree with you, wars are indeed a ‘serious business’ apart from the veneer of ‘swashbuckling romance’ that can be applied on them
In reply to this comment by Pradeep, Pallav wrote a rather long note which impiled that coming of 10 million refugees cannot be and also cannot be accepted to be the reason for the 1971 war.   After all, India was adding 12 million new citizens by birth every year at that time, so another 10 million would hardly matter. 

Following this comment by Pallav, Mark wrote: I like the way you write and what you write. Thank you for both; being eloquent and opinioned, it makes the reading easy but more than that you speak for those of us who believe what you but fall short of being able to do so eloquently. Thank you so much.   

And Pradeep added

: Enjoyed reading your reply. And would indeed like to engage in discussing the points that you raised, as they are thought-provoking. But probably that would need some other mechanism (not this one). i’d look forward to that.




In continuation of this discussion Pallav wrote a longer follow up note which contained the comment: Nonetheless, for lessons I learnt from the likes of Air Cmde. Sen, I attempt to publicly voice only what I firmly believe in. And in most cases, to have plenty of logic to substantiate my arguments. 

It became obvious to me that my romanticized narration of memories of a war long gone by has stirred emotions in a new generation and that made me happy.   However, it also seems to have raised sincere questions in their minds that needed to be discussed, not only because of the sincerity with which the questions were propositioned, but also because a clear divergence of generational outlook on social norms became visible that needs to be addressed.    Since this Blog of mine, dealing only with my memories and my feeling of days gone by is not a proper forum for a discussion of such a nature; I have created a new platform styled “Vitarka” at    I now invite all of you who whish to join in that discussion to please visit the new blog and participate.   Thanks.


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  1. Good.. Atleast we will have the pseudo intellectuals spew their nonsense in their fine Oxbridge English at some other place.

  2. Sir,

    After browsing a few of the pakistani websites/blogs, I get a feeling that their veterans seem to be more internet savvy and more open to discussing their service stories with their new generation, than ours. Anyways, as I’ve mentioned already, it feels great reading your tales and I request you to encourage more of your peers to share their stories with us as well.


  3. Vitarka is subject to TKS’s approval and/or censorship.
    Wordpress has many of its own serious limitations. TKS’s censorship (euphemised as “moderation”) merely goes on to prove, I strongly suspect, his long tenure of “disciplined” life. Or else why would anyone put a cordon on “voice”? This was totally unexpected of TKS. A risk a serious blogger has to take is to allow all opinions to be voiced. And published INSTANTLY. The unacceptable of them on account of vulgarity or even inanity (as we have witnessed, in TKS’ other blog, of the outputs of at least one Air Force Central School alumnus – whichever brilliant group of humanity that might represent) may be subjected to editing. But surely, TKS or any other has no right to throttle – or even delay (being subject to his own fancy) instant publication of any opinion expressed by any reader of this blog.
    I am indescribably constrained at such military exercises over a very civil issue.
    It has come to my knowledge that a person from Europe had opined on certain issue/s on this blog. TKS would be the best person to explain why that hasn’t appeared on the site yet – more than 24 hours after it was posted.
    It is implored that TKS, being the sensible man he is, would reconsider his dictatorial attitude over what must be treated in a non-military way of discussion and permit instant publication of comments posted. We consider ourselves lucky that all his readers were not trained by AFCS.

      • I am sorry for my harsh comment.
        I was agitated for some reason and unfortunately my agitation reflected in the comment I posted. I had no right to channelise my perturbation through my comment. I apologise unconditionally for the hurt it caused TKS and any other reader.
        I hope TKS is in better health now and wish him the best of health & well-being with the greatest sincerity.

  4. Greetings,
    am glad Pallav apologized.
    The essence is: It is always positive to consider thinking twice before reacting – especially when one’s personality carries traits, such as ‘over-enthusiasm’ and ‘over-sensitivity’ to justice/injustice.
    These aspects can be extremely helpful ….., when balanced!
    Surely there are much more people in the world being enthusiastic and sensitive to injustice/justice.
    It is high time to wake up and to become aware of the power of our thoughts.
    We are responsible for them.
    We do create by them….. positive or negative situations.
    We are what we think.
    Noone else can be blamed.
    “We suffer from ourselves!”

    • Freedom of expression is the fundamentall right
      bestowed on us by the constitution.As long as it is not detrimental to national interst or social cause it should
      be encouraged.The sucess of blog when it attracts
      intense debate and discussion.Emotion brings out best
      of discussions.Criticism at the bottom is elixir of life.
      The characteristics of a blog is similar to “Adda”.Adda s
      stimulates intellectual curisity and energy.

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