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Crossing the Border


It was perhaps 26th of February 1948. I am really not sure of the date, but it was certainly a few days short of 1st March. Within the family, the decision to migrate from Pakistan to India had been taken. A tentative date for the move had been fixed at 28 March. Read the rest of this entry


The First Hurdle


Getting selected for the ISW / AFA was my first concern.   The syllabus for the examination by the UPSC for entry into the Inter Services Wing of the Armed Forces Academy was rather sketchy;   a total of three papers, one each on English, Mathematics and General Knowledge / Current Affairs.   In those days, there were no coaching classes available for such tests in Kolkata.  The examinee was left entirely on his own.   Read the rest of this entry

A Lesson in Bird Watching


It was an ordinary sort of morning.   For a student of first year Intermediate Science at Ashutosh College Calcutta in early 1949, life was seldom very exciting. The timetable indicated a period of Bengali Literature followed by a period of English after which there was a double period of Physics practical and then two free periods.   Late in the evening there were two periods of Mathematics to be done before I would be free to go home.  Read the rest of this entry