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Hectic Days in Halwara-12: The End is Visible


General wisdom says that the flame of a lamp about to die-out burns brighter for a brief moment before it extinguishes.   The condition of the war seemed to follow the same path on the morning of the 14th.      By all indications, Pakistan was in no condition to continue with this war;   in response, our war effort was on the up-swing without a doubt.   Read the rest of this entry


Hectic Days in Halwara – 11: The Fog of War Thickens?


Start of the day on the 12th of December was rather slow.   For the first wave at sunrise there was only one request for close support that was grabbed by Chopra and Bapat.   It was actually getting to be quite difficult to pick crew for a strike mission.   Over the past two days the demands had shrunk and there was a scramble for every mission that came about.   Those not chosen were disappointed and crest fallen, but if targets are not found, can missions be mounted? Read the rest of this entry