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The First Term Ends


And suddenly it was June. It really was hard to believe that we had spent six whole months in Dehradun and we were being asked to go home for a few days. From the moment we had arrived at the Inter-Servises Wing of the Armed Forces Academy at Dehradun in January 1950, time seemed to have assumed an illusive character. Our dawns merged into our dusks and our days dissolved into weeks and months without our quite realizing it. But indeed it was already summer and the Academy was shutting down for a break between terms. Read the rest of this entry


Acting Like Santa


The tale begins on a March morning in 1967. I had settled down as a member of the air staff in the Head Quarters of the Western Air Command. We were still operating from the Hutments that had housed the erstwhile Operational Command of the Air Force from the time it was formed in 1948. (That spot is now occupied by Terminal 1A of the IGI Airport.) I had a little cubical in that double storied temporary structure as the ‘Operations I’ of the WAC, a post that was filled by a Squadron Leader on those days. Read the rest of this entry