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Schooling At Last


Some time in the second week of November 1946 Baba told me to get ready to enter school in the New Year.   What did I have to do to get into a school?   Which school was he thinking about?   Why did I have to enter a school at this stage?  Was not I having well enough an education at home while having a whale of a time in general?  I had many questions boiling inside me, but Baba had answers to them all.   Read the rest of this entry


Baba Quits His Job


Baba tried to visit us at Himaitpur from Jessore as often as he could.   He normally came by an over-night train reaching the village early in the morning.   Some times he stayed just for one day or two.   At other times he stretched his visit to three or four days.   We got used to these sudden arrivals and departures of Baba.  However, we always knew in advance when he would arrive.    There used to be a sweet anticipation; getting up early and waiting for his arrival.  Read the rest of this entry

A Trip To Dhaka


A month or so after we moved to Himaitpur, my Dadu (Nanaji – maternal grandfather) got transferred to Dhaka from Barisal.   Since the living conditions in Himaitpur were troublesome and none of us kids were in any school or college, it was easy for Ma to volunteer to go down and help Dida (Naani – maternal Grand Ma) set up the new house there.  Read the rest of this entry